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Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Claims Experts

Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Claims

Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Claims: Find out if you could claim £££££s in compensation

Since the late 1990s, more than 100,000 women in the UK have undergone Vaginal Mesh Implant surgeries (often called ‘TVT Mesh Implants’) to treat Urinary, Bladder, Prolapse and Rectal issues. Fortitude Law are specialists in this complex area of medical negligence law and have developed an unique approach to Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Claims which means we are able to secure compensation for women who have suffered after such surgeries as far back as 2001. To see if you have grounds for a claim, please complete our short Confidential Assessment Form:

Whilst the majority of these surgeries have been successful, over time, increasing numbers of patients have subsequently reported serious complications that have arisen as a direct result of the TVT/Mesh Implant Surgery and which, in some cases, has required the need for further corrective surgery or surgeries.

Fortitude Law has already helped, and is currently helping, many UK women to secure compensation of £100,000 or more in respect of Negligent Mesh Implantation Surgery – and our unique approach means that the individuals we act for receive compensation from the insurance which the private medical consultants, private hospitals and NHS Trusts are required to have in place.

Thanks to increasing pressure from consumer groups in the UK, such as “Sling The Mesh”, and from news outlets such as the BBC giving the matter more and more attention, coupled with the recent high-profile successful ‘group legal action’ against the leading vaginal mesh implant manufacturer – Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited in the USA in October 2019 (where total compensation of $117m was awarded) and in Australia in January 2020 (where damages are soon to be confirmed), it is likely that the UK Government will soon place a complete ban on any future Vaginal and Rectal Mesh Implantation Surgery, although this will not affect those suffering from the complications of past Mesh Implantation Surgery.

We are already helping 100s of women and men to pursue their Claim on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis. So, if you have previously undergone a Mesh Implantation Surgery and as a result of which you are suffering from directly related complications, it is easy to find out whether you can also make and pursue a Claim by completing our short, confidential form below. One of our specialist Medical Negligence solicitors will then be able to review your situation and discuss next steps with you.  

Please note that we are usually able to process claims remotely via electronic and/or postal means, so there should be no need for you to travel or to undertake “in person” interactions.