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Vaginal Mesh Implant Surgery Claims Experts

Specialists in Vaginal Mesh/TVT Implant Surgery Claims

Francis Bacon:
Fortitude is the marshal of thought, the armour of the will, and the fort of reason“.

Fortitude Law is a boutique law firm specialising in medical negligence, product liability and insurance – with particular expertise in Synthetic Mesh/TVT Implant claims.

We have brought together more than 30 years’ of niche expertise and experience to secure effective solutions in complex legal matters for all our clients.
Fortitude Law’s unique approach to resolving problematical, highly sensitive and technically complex claims through the courts, in arbitration, at mediation or by direct negotiation is at the core of our firm, however our mission is to secure resolutions that mean our clients fully benefit from Fortitude Law’s unparalleled experience and skill set.
In recent times, we have also developed specialist experience and expertise in securing medical negligence compensation for women throughout the UK who have undergone VAGINAL MESH IMPLANT SURGERIES.
While our new website is under construction, and if you had a vaginal or rectal mesh implanted under the NHS in England, Wales or Northern Ireland in or after 2001, please CLICK HERE to find out more and to see if you may also be able to claim £100,000+ in compensation.

May-2023 – Fortitude Law’s updated website is currently under construction.

Vaginal Mesh/TVT Implant Surgery Claims

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